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Useful Windows shortcut keys

Posted in Windows by Ed Ross on May 22, 2007

Someone who I consider to have some technical knowledge at work didn’t know at least one of these, I found out today, so maybe you’ll want to know these too:

Windows key + “e”, will open My Computer/Explorer

Windows key + “d”, will minimise all windows, to show the desktop

Windows key + “r”, will open the “Run” box.


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  1. kramii said,

    Thanks Ed.

    I must admit, “Windows + D” is a new one to me. I anticipate using this quite a lot!

    The one I always forget, but find rather useful is:

    ALT+SPACE – Displays the main window’s System menu. From the System menu, you can restore (“R”), move (“M”), resize (“S”), minimize (“N”), maximize (“N”), or close (“C”) the window.

    This is essential in two scenarios I encounter quite often:

    1. When working on machines where the mouse is missing / faulty / stupid.

    2. To tame applications that insist on opening windows with the title bar off screen.

    For example, on my laptop, Paint.Net (an otherwise excellent free replacement for Windows Paint) has a habit of opening its main window with its title bar off the top of the screen. The solution is to select the rogue window (using ALT+TAB for the mouseless), then press ALT+SPACE to bring up the System Menu and select “Move” (“M”) or “Maximise” (“X”).

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