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Quickly enter today’s date in Excel

Posted in Excel by Ed Ross on May 23, 2007

To quickly add today’s date to a cell in Excel, click Control and semi-colon:

ctrl + ;

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  1. As I use Excel every day at work – I will have to give this one a try!

  2. George Teachman said,

    That’s a very nifty trick that will see a lot of use from me.

    On another aspect of entering dates; I would like to have cell B1 enter today’s date when the contents of A1 are changed. Everything I’ve tried does put today’s date in B1, but when tomorrow comes B1 will have tomorrow’s date. Is there a function which allows me to do that?


    George Teachman

  3. edaross said,

    I’m not sure George. Have you tried asking at a dedicated Excel forum?

  4. casanova said,


    this should work!

    • edaross said,

      I think =today() would change the date to the current date when you re-open the document another day. This tip is for adding today’s date so that it will not change later.

  5. marot90 said,

    I know this is veeeery old, but i am curious what that hotkey command does, that it doesnt change the date every day. Since yes, =today() should recalculate every day, since it gets the time from the computers system clock (so be sure that that date is set correctly btw). Although i am not 100% sure there, since the gudie i looked at ( ) didnt mention it explicitly. But it would make sense for it to recalculate. Which leaves the question: What function does CTRL ; use that it doesnt change the date?

    • Ed Ross said,

      I’m not sure it is actually done with a function (in the Excel sense) – it is probably just some programming built in to Excel that looks up the current date and inserts it.

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