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Change which program opens particular types of file

Posted in Windows by Ed Ross on June 6, 2007

If you want to change the program that runs a certain type of file (make mp3 files open in Window Media Player, for example):

  1. Right click on a file of that type
  2. Go to the “Open with” menu, and select “Choose program”
  3. If the program you want to use is in the list, click it. If it isn’t, click “Browse” and navigate to the program
  4. Click the “Always use the selected program to open this  kind of file” check box
  5. Click “OK”

That should change the program used for the specified file type to the one that you want.


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  1. Hey guys,
    That’s a great tip for your readers. It’s a quick and easy way for them to open specific files with specific programs. Alot of the times it is also possible to permanently associate files with certain programs.

    For Example….
    If you always want to open mp3 files with Windows Media Player just follow the steps below:
    1. Sign on your computer as the administrator
    2. Open windows media player
    3. Choose >>TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> FILE TYPES
    4. Select which File Types you would like to permanently associate with Windows Media Player

    You can also do this with other programs.
    Good luck!

    Check out our blog for FUN tech news!

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