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Take a screen shot of a wmv movie file

Posted in Video by Ed Ross on July 16, 2007

When I’ve tried to take a screen shot in Windows Media Player of a wmv file, I’ve found that the program gets snapped, but not the movie itself. You can take a screen shot from a wmv file by importing it into Windows Movie Maker. Just slide the preview screen to the part of the movie you want to grab, and press print screen. You can then paste the screen shot in a paint program and crop it to show only the video.


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  1. Jim Saunders said,

    Yes indeed it can be quite anoying trying to take screen shots of videos. I have a similar problem trying to take frames from DVD’s, : don’t fully understand how it works but I think it is something to do with the vidoe being displayed in a different layer (virtually) of the screen, and therefore when you press the ‘Print Screen’ button it does not capture the video in another layer. Thankfully my DVD software, PowerDVD has a grab screen shot to clipboard function.

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