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Wireless security and a bit about XBox 360 wifi

Posted in Consoles,Security by Ed Ross on May 20, 2007

On the excellent Security Now Podcast, the idea of “Internet Radio Silence” was recently discussed. This is the idea that you should be able to stop your laptop shouting out all sorts of information while you are out and about that you probably wouldn’t want it to.

There are instructions on how to get your system into “Internet Radio Silence” mode in the “Disabling XP’s default connection to AdHoc WiFi nodes” section of the show notes.

Additionally, you should listen to Security Now 89: WEP Insecurity
(you can listen to it by clicking the play button here):

to hear why you should be using WPA  wireless encryption, rather than WEP.

Maybe you have an XBox 360. Does that work with WPA? According to “Xbox 360: You cannot connect to Xbox Live by using a wireless connection“, yes, WPA should work with the XBox 360.